Attention: the situation over the next 24 hours will be difficult!

According to weather forecasters, during the 15th-16th of December, heavy precipitation is expected on most of Transcarpathian region, in the daytime on December 15 and at night on December 16, in the central and eastern districts, there will be very heavy rainfall, in the mountains – wet snow and snow. In the mountains, in some places: slush biuld-up, ice, snowstorms, ice cover on the roads, snow drifts on the passes. In the mountains – strengthening of southwest wind to 15-20, on the highlands of the Carpathians – to 30-35 m / s.

In addition, the regional office of the State Emergenies Service reports: on December 15-16, water levels on the rivers of the region are expected to rise aboce the current ones: 
– in the upper reaches of the basins of the Uzh, Latorytsya, Borzhava, Rika, Tereblya, Teresva and Verkhnya Tisa rivers – by 1.0-1.5 m; 
– in the lower reaches of the Uzh, Latorytsya, Rika, Tereblya, Teresva – by 1.5-2.0 m, water reaching the floodplain; 
– in the Tisa river, V. Bychkiv-Vylok stretch – 2.0-3.0 m, water reaching the floodplain; 
– in the lower reaches of the Latorytsya and Stara rivers – high levels with retention of water on the floodplain; 
– in the lower reaches of the Borzhava river – high levels with gradual rise to 650 cm, with retention of water on the floodplain; 

Flooding of farmland in the villages of M.Komyaty and Siltse, agricultural lands in the villages of Zarichchia, Siltse, Kamyanske, V.Komyaty, Borzhavske, Lukovo, Bilky, Khmilnyk, and the road Shalanky-V.Komyaty. A significant local run-off is expected, in mountainous areas mudflows and landslides may form. Hydrological forecasts will be updated as the synoptic situation develops.

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