Attention, drivers in Uzhgorod!

On Druzhby Narodiv Square in Uzhgorod, the major repair of the sidewalks is starting, and at its first stage, from 8.30 am tomorrow, July 27, they will begin to remove dangerous and damaged trees. According to preliminary calculations, the work will continue until Saturday evening, July 29th. The vehicular traffic will hampered because of that, the press service of Uzhgorod City Council warns.

Recall that branches and trees on this square have fallen several times due to bad weather, sometimes on cars, in particular a little more than a month ago – on June 23. After careful examination of each tree, which was carried out by a commission with the participation of biologists of UzhNU, it was decided to remove some of the damaged trees. Along with this, the crowns of some trees are potentially dangerous as they hang over the roadway and sidewalk, which can be the cause of accidents.

After the completion of the repair of sidewalks, limes and maples will be planted there in autumn.

In the photos, you can see the trees on Druzhby Narodiv Square after a storm in June and the damage recorded during the examination.


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