At Uzhgorod markets strawberries cost 50 UAH and potatoes – 30

Uzhgorod markets abound with young vegetables and first berries, but people are not in a hurry to buy them: firstly, the fear of nitrates, and secondly – high prices.

For example, at "Green Market" on Koryatovicha square potatoes is sold for 30 UAH per kilogram, the first seasonal tomatoes grown in greenhouses have the same price. Cucumbers are now sold for 18 UAH per kilo, first strawberries have appeared on the market too, they cost about 50 UAH per kilo.

Green onion, which is sold for 1 UAH per bundle, remains cheap in Uzhgorod.

Sellers at the market admit that there is no demand for strawberries at all: people ask about the price, but never buy them. Early potatoes are not very popular either, but the cucumbers and tomatoes are in demand.

At the same time, at “green” markets of Italy tomatoes cost 1.6 euro per kilogram (about 16-17 UAH), tomatoes cherry – 1,9 euro (about 19-20 UAH), and strawberries – 3,50 – 4,00 euro per kilo (about 36-41 UAH). The only thing whose price is higher than in Ukraine is greens, but in Italy they are sold in much bigger bundles than ours, and the price for such bundles is 1 euro for any greens.

In general, the choice and quality of foods: meat, cheese, vegetables, etc. are much higher than in Ukraine. And what is even more pity – all this is much cheaper, despite much higher living standards of Italians.

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