At Uzhgorod “Avangard” stadium, you can train for free every day

Anyone can train at Uzhgorod "Avangard" stadium for free every day from 7.00 to 9.30 and from 20.00 to 21.30. The schedule of free use of sports facilities (except for football fields) of the communal enterprise "Avangard" Stadium" was approved by the mayor of Uzhgorod, Bohdan Andriyiv.

Training at the stadium in other hours is possible according to agreed schedules, since professional athletes and members of the national team of Ukraine train at the stadium, and various competitions are held there.

Thus, next week, May 9-10, the stadium will host the oldest sports athletics competition in Ukraine: the 58th International Druzhba Cup and the traditional Grand Prix "LONG JUMP & MUSIC".

Recall the recently the "Avangard" stadium was opened after reconstruction of the track and field athletic section of the sports complex, which was financed from the State Fund of Regional Development and Uzhgorod city budget. On the official opening day, the open championship of the region among the teams of youth sports achools was held there.

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