At the “Tisa” checkpoint, a “BMW X5” was confiscated from a Moldovan citizen

The day before past weekend, a BMW X5 of Italian registration arrived at the border and customs control point "Tisa". It was driven by a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, which was heading from Italy to Ukraine. 

But during the conduct of all the necessary procedures for crossing the border, the border guards had doubts about the car and the documents authorizing the driver to operate this car. Thus, it was decided to carry out the complete identification of the vehicle by inspectors of border and customs services. As a result of verification measures, it was found out that the letter of authorization for driving BMW X5 of Italian registration had not been issued to the citizen Moldova by the indicated notary’s office, and the signature and the seal of a notary were fake. Thus, another representative of the Bavarian automobile industry, which was being illegally transported across the border, was seized accorfing to the law and assessed at about 95,000 UAH.    


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