At the next session they will be amending the regulations of the City Council

March 15, the Mayor of Uzhgorod issued the order "On the convening of the next XVII session of the Uzhgorod City Council of the VI convocation." 

It is expected that the members will consider the following issues:

1. Report on the implementation of the Program for economic and social development of  Uzhgorod for 2012.

2. Report on the fulfillment of the city budget for 2012.

3. On special-purpose programs of social and cultural development of the city.

4. On changes to the Program of economic and social development of the city for 2013.

5 On amendments to the city budget for 2013.

6. On amendments to the decisions of the City Council.

7.  On approval of the decision of the Executive Committee.

8. On permission to create community organizations – building committee.

9.  On the submission of the prosecutor of Uzhgorod.

10.  On the regulation of property relations.

11.  On the regulation of land relations.

12.  On amendments to the Regulations of the Uzhgorod City Council of the VI convocation.

13. On changes in the composition of standing committees of the Uzhgorod City Council.

14. On the structure of the City Council, its executive bodies and their total number.

15.  On termination of a legal entity.

16.  On the cancellation of the decision of the Uzhgorod City Council executive committee dd. 23.01.2013 № 25 "On tariffs for city passenger transportation."

17.  On request for information.

18.  Other.

Note that at the official website of Uzhgorod City Council, currently there is not a single draft desicion.


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