At the crossing point “Tysa” a “BMW” with license plate from VAZ was found

October 22, a car BMW X3 registered in Moldova arrived at the border and customs control point "Tysa". 
It was driven by a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, who was traveling from Hungary to Ukraine. While carrying out all the procedures necessary for crossing the border, border guards had some doubts about the vehicle. It was decided to conduct an in-depth inspection of the car by the inspectors of border and customs services.
During verification measures, including the use of Interpol data, October 23, it was reported that the car body is not registered in the Republic of Moldova under the listed number, and that VAZ-21061 is registered under the given state license plate. Thus the suspicion of illegal transportation of the car BMW using documents containing false information was confirmed.
This vehicle was seized and assessed in the amount of 142,410.09 UAH, – informed the press-service of the Chop border detachment.

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