At the “Carpathian Babylon”, they will try to set a record

As we have already reported, a cross-border festival of cultures will be held in Uzhgorod.

Residents and visitors of Uzhgorod are invited to the first open ethnic festival of national cultures "Carpathian Babylon" to be held on August 23-24 in Uzhgorod. The festival will be held as part of the project "Carpathian tourist route 2".

The cross-border festival of cultures with a display of common traditions, cultural and historical features of the Carpathian region is intended to represent the unity of the cultural and historical heritage of the participating countries. 

The festival program includes:

– Procession in traditional costumes.

– Performances of folk groups from different regions.

– An attempt to set a record of Ukraine in the category "Longest multinational festive table"

– Presentation of dishes of the Carpathian region national cuisines.

– The final concert with the participation of Ukrainian pop stars.

– Lotteries, quizzes

Given the recent events in Ukraine and the desire of Ukrainian people to join the European community, the cross-border festival "Carpathian Babylon" will be a good example of spiritual unity and aspirations of different nations to peaceful coexistence and exchange of experiences and cultures.

Details are on the website:

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