At the border, driver lost both hidden goods and his vehicle (PHOTOS)

Today (September 23, 20), a minibus Mercedes driven by a Ukrainian citizen, who was traveling from Ukraine to Italy on private business, stopped at the customs post "Dyakovo" on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.
Based on the results of the analysis and risk assessment, officials of the Department for Prevention and Counteraction to Smuggling and Violation of Customs Rules of the Transcarpathian Customs of the State Customs Service together with border guards decided to conduct an in-depth inspection of the vehicle. And for good reason! In the bottom of the car, they found a specially made cache, which contained 1,650 packs of cigarettes "Winston blue" and "Winston superslims" with Ukrainian excise stamps.
Currently, measures are being taken to document violations of customs rules under Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.
The hidden tobacco products worth more than UAH 8,000 and the minibus used to smuggle the goods, valued at UAH 211,000, were seized. The case is to be sent to court.


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