At the border, a dog found a revolver carried by a Pole

Yesterday, March 3, at the crossing point "Maly Berezny" border guards prevented illegal transportation of a pistol with ammunition across the border.

The car "Dodge", driven by a citizen of Poland was heading to Slovakia. During border and customs procedures, the border dog trained to search for weapons and explosives, reacted to the American-made car. The reaction of the dog became the grounds for in-depth inspection of the car by border guards and customs officers.

As a result of the joint inspection, in the backseat of the car under the driver’s personal belongings they found a traumatic revolver "ZORAKI" R-1, model K-10, caliber 6-mm, as well as 17 arounds and 30 rubber bullets. The man did not have the permit for the found revolver.

The discovered gun and ammunition, which the Polish citizen recognized as his property, was seized.

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