At the aikido seminar they will teach to defeat the enemy with his own force

From 19 to 21 of October in Uzhgorod, the Transcarpathian Regional Federation of Aikido "Sinadzho" holds interregional aikido seminar, where everyone will be able to receive kyu and dan certification, improve their skills and learn the intricacies of martial arts.

As we know, the distinguishing feature of aikido is its non-aggressiveness, this martial art utilizes the confluence with the enemy’s attack and redirection of the attacker’s energy – as opposed to fighting force with another force. Aikido gives great attention to training of mind and spirit.

The seminar is held by the honorary president of the Federation of Aikido Petro Hanchak (pictured). Petro Hanchak is the renowned master of martial arts, honorary president of the Transcarpathian regional federations of wushu and aikido, athlete who for years defended the colors of the sports society "Dynamo", earning the title of master of sports of international class.

The seminar is held at the Palace of Children and Youth (Padiyun) on Sunday October 21. The beginning is at 10.00.


Source: Uzhinform

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