At Pidzamkovyy park there won’t be any garbage bins – there is ‘no need’ in them

Today, April 5, The Mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov showed to the journalists how how Pidzamkovy Park is being built.        

According to Victor Pogorelov’s words, about 500 thousand hryvnia was spent on it from the regional and city budget. The park was cleared, fenced, there appeared pavements and just recently – benches. On the questions of journalists, whether it is true that the fence of the park was purchased and installed at an inflated price, as it was reported by media, The Mayor of Uzhgorod replied that the estimate was checked by the special state committee of experts and law enforcement officers, who have not revealed any violations.
As for the plans for the current year, soon at Pidzamkovyy Park lavatories are expected to appear, amphitheater is to restore its work and sideshows for children will start working. They also want to illuminate the park by May 1. For this purpose there will be allocated 50 thousand hryvnia, which is to be spent on pillars for outdoor lights, lanterns and work with its installation.
Journalists drew the Mayor’s attention to the fact that there are no garbage bins near the benches. To this Victor Pogorelov responded that the bins will be installed only in the central part of the park, and they are not going to set them near every bench, because…there is no need.
The media workers saw that car drivers use paths in order to park closer to the stadium ‘Spartak’. To protect those who are walk or roller skate from the probability to get under the wheels of the vehicle, the head of the RP ‘recreation park ‘Pidzamkovyy’ Taras Rumyantsev promised to put columns from the side of the stadium.


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