At a hot 68th – Attack of the Clones and competition of revolutionaries

"Uzhgorod" single-mandate constituency (№68) continues to be one of the most original in Ukraine.

The constituency, which covers Uzhhorod, Uzhhorod district and Chop is already distinguished not only by a large number of candidates – they are there 27, i.e. the 68th is among the leaders, but even has few funny features. Thus, the constituency suffers the invasion of namesakes. Those four other Kovacs were probably inspired probably by Vasyl Ilyich who is still the Deputy of Ukraine. Anton, Laszlo, Alexander and even another Vasyl decided to back him up. However, the "Attack of the Clones" was not limited to this. A young resident of Uzhgorod Olexandr Peresolyak was joined by a "namesake" by the his famiily name – Anatoliy from Perechyn district.

In general, besides politicians of the "old era" with a history of membership in the Party of Regions likewise Vasyl Kovacs and Alexander Ledida, the 68th constituency has few more candidates who seem to fear that their names will sibk into oblivion. Among them are not only former head of RSA, but also "perpetual candidate" Serhiy Slobodyanyuk, half-forgotten former head of the regional center Serhiy Ratushnyak and the son of another former head Andrij Pogorelov. In general, the crowd is rather mixed: there is a young resident of Uzhgorod-Kyiv Nicoletta Sabov while the revolutionary sentiments will be represented by the Right Sector fighter Ruslan Kaganets and Euromaidan activist Yuriy Svitlyk. Businessman Robert Horvat also competes for the votes of those who expect changes and he is probably the characted of the most aggressive election ads of the 68th constituency. Among the most famous names in the ranks is the name of the so-called democratic direction – the former head of Baranyntsi village council Pavlo Chuchka and a Transcarpathian revolutionary, the acting Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Schadey. Currently the rest of this long list are less known to the public.

The main intrigue of elections in Uzhgorod is the factor of bought votes and how it will affect the results. And, secondly, whether younger candidates (so to say – "Democrats") may come to any agreement in order to prevent the victory of "revange seekers" as they spray the electorate with revolutionary views too much. In any case, it will be interesting. The detailed list of candidates of the hot 68th constituence may be found at the official website of CEC .

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