Assistant Deputy, Transcarpathian Maxim Shelepets joined the army as a volunteer

Today a lot of Transcarpathians show conscious citizenship and, despite the natural fear, come to military commissariats of the region asking to enlist them as volunteers and send to protect the homeland. Among the volunteers, there are men of different ages, many with military experience, some join the army for the first time – realizing that Ukraine needs them. Not someday, but right now. Today.

The father of two, a graduate of the Law Faculty of Uzhgorod National University, 37-year-old Maxim Shelepets volunteered to join the military and to defend the state.

At home, his wife Renata and two children – 11-year-old son Andriy and 14-year-old daughter Alisa are waiting for him. He has no regrets about his choice, especially since he was assigned to one of the most important positions in the battalion – officer of the intelligence company.

To protect the country and people in the time of trouble is the duty of every man, Maxim Tarasovych believes.

Maxim Shelepets does not consider his act heroic, but now he has the right to proudly say: "I serve for the people, for Ukrainians."  With his act, he encourages all patriots, who care about the fate of Ukraine, to join the army as volunteers and defend their country.



The development of the state depends on every Ukrainian, regardless of profession, occupation and social status. The more people, elected representatives, stand in the forefront, setting an example to others – the sooner our country will become a "renewed" state, which we all have been expecting since the independence of Ukraine. Today the time has come when a lot depends on You.

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