As Uzhgorod schoolgirl earned UAH 2000 in one minute

A schoolgirl from Uzhgorod Anna Musiychuk made some good money by sending at the TV show "What? Where? When?" on the "1 +1" channel a question that players could not give the correct answer to.

Moreover, Anna’s question was deemed the best and the most interesting in the whole show that was aired yesterday, February 24. Therefore, the girl will receive a gift from one of the sponsors of the show – a book with the players’ autographs.

The question itself was about a humorous view on life of a humorist artist, who portrayed it as a picture of six stages. The last of them was hidden from the players, and they were asked what the glass on the sixth picture contained.

"Nothing" – decided to team of intellectuals. And nothing they received for such a response.

Unlike the Uzhgorod schoolgirl, who earned 2000 UAH.

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