As a result of yesterday’s weather, eight settlements were left without electricity supply

Heavy rain and strong winds, that swept through Transcarpathia overnight on Sunday (13.08), caused emergency power outages and flooding of streets and households in several districts.

– As of the morning of Sunday, eight settlements of Mukachevo and Beregovo districts are without electricity supply, – Hennadiy Moskal says. – In Svalyava and Velyky Berezny districts, strong wind blew a few trees on the roadway. Now the traffic is free. Due to power outage, in the city of Beregovo, a sewage pumping station (SPS) was not running the whole night, as a result of which water flooded three streets. At 10 o’clock in the morning, after the electricity supply was resumed and the SPS restarted, the water went down, but the central part of Beregovo is still without electricity. During the night, due to power outage, the Ukrainian part of the international crossing point "Luzhanka" on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border was not working for several hours, motorists had to cross the border through the checkpoint "Vylok". Now, the checkpoint "Luzhanka" is working in normal mode.

There are no serious consequences of bad weather in the region, emergency crews are working to repair the electricity grids. During the coming hours, electricity supply should be resumed throughout the region.

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