Artist Vasyl Svalyavchyk invites to his “Native Land”

On December 22, in the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum, known local artist Vasyl Svalyavchyk will present his personal retrospective exhibition.

With the exhibition, the artist will sum up a fairly eventful year, during which, in particular, he celebrated his 65th anniversary and was awarded with the highest state distinction – the title of "People’s Artist of Ukraine" – for contribution to the development of fine arts in Transcarpathia.  

The title of the exhibition – "Native Land" – is not random, since it is the main subject of Vasyl Svalyavchyk’s professional interest and the source of inspiration. The exhibition will feature nearly 90 works of different genres that show the artist’s admiration of natural and man-made attractions of Transcarpathia. The works were created by the author in different years, from 1970s until now.  

The exhibition opens at 17.00.

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