Art wakes up!

The organizers of the annual art event ‘PoraBulo’ will gather together in Uzhhorod pub ‘Labda’ in order to announce the terms of this year’s festival on July 3, at 12 a.m.

The regional mass media will hear the news about the festival, the cooperation with large international organizations and the highlights of this year’s event. According to the PoraBulo festival participants a significant event will be held in the summer  – the Art is going to wake up in Uzhgorod.

Note. The festival ‘PoraBulo’ consists of more than fifty different performances which are attracted by its originality and the level of organization. There came together: fine, film, theatrical, cooking, dance art, as well as: extreme sports, martial show, etc. The organizers managed to combine incompatible things: adrenaline and tranquility (extreme – relaxation). Thus, everyone can pick up themselves what they only want and like. 

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