Art baton passed by festival

The Festival of Medieval Culture "Silver Tatosh", which recently took place in Chynadievo castle St. Miklos" activated artists too.
Particular attention of festival quests was drawn by the exhibition of models of Transcarpathian castles, which had been produced by a club of students at Uzhgorod "Padiun". Mukachevo artists of art-club "Transkarpatiya" also made a contribution. Artistic images of Transcarpathian historic structures were exhibited by Galina Grenko, Oksana Metzger, the original flowers painted with water paints were presented by Timea Sofilkanich, expressive portraits of young people – by Kinga Kizman and Marina Chopey, which were supplemented by the photos taken by Petro Parovinchak and works on religious themes by Vitaly Preobrazhensky.

The Knights’ Festival began holding the 11th international plein air of painters who have come to the resort Chinadievo from 5 countries. After the creative work and constant dialogues on the philosophical themes, an impromptu exhibition of newly painted works took place. They were exhibited in the castle halls of the second floor (which hasn’t been repaired yet) by an Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Sima (Uzhgorod), a Kiev citizen Vladimir Larionov, who works with extraordinary Florentine mosaic technique – making pictures with artificial stone, artists of Pre-Dniester Academy of Arts Yuri and Alla Salko, the chairman of the Union of Artists of Gagausia Republic Sergey Kupavyh, the teachers of Chinadievo School of Arts Marina Chopey and the owners of "St. Miklós» castle Tatyana and Josef Bartos.

One of the organizers of the meeting of creative artists, the owner of the art-tourism homestead "Goldfish" Svetlana Schopf admits that starting this art project a few years ago and not knowing its specific purpose, few of the founders hoped it would have such a success. The plein air has been visited by guests from Slovakia and Austria, who shared their impressions.

Sommelier from border Austrian Rust, which is situated on the bank of Lake Noyziberzee and, by the way, is under culture protection of UNESCO as an old fair town, Dr. Natalia Yus, except for her profession of sun drink taster, likes to enjoy visual arts. "I have brought from Austria several varieties of our wines from my husband, a famous winemaker Gerhard Yus, and here I held a trial tasting for artists. Some of them were surprised at how wine is transformed from an ordinary drink into a kind of cultural layer of art. It is the fourth time I visit your land. I invite my friends here, they like creativity of Transcarpathians. They are passionate about what they do and spread it to others. There are a lot of young people here, who are interested in history".

Doctor of Philosophy from Bratislava Magdalena Yanotova, art historian, has her own art gallery in the city center, where she exhibits many original works by contemporary artists not only from Slovakia. "I admire the works of famous old masters of brush, wood and stone – said Yanotova. – This love was passed on from my grandfather, who once worked as a lawyer in Podcarpatska Rus, loved art and was personally acquainted with Bokshay and Erdelyi. As a permanent journalist in the capital’s art magazines at home, I can say that this plein air has turned into a small art symposium. Here they didn’t just draw, but also discussed various important issues of contemporary art".
A tenant of the castle "St. Miklos” Joseph Bartosh confidently stated that after the restoration of the first rooms on the second floor there will be housed an art hall, where each of the artists, if they wish, will be able to present their art.
It should be noted that almost all of the plein air participants admitted: their creativity was influenced by the atmosphere of the medieval castle, which every year gets new and exciting features, beautiful nature that surrounds this building, and friendly residents of Chinadievo. All visitors may make sure of it.

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