“Aria of Werther” translated by a Transcarpathian will be presented in the regional library

On April 20, at 17.00, in the Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library, there will be the presentation of the book by Gaston Chereau "Aria of Werther" translated by a Transcarpathian scholar, translator Viktor Petrovich Motruk.

Humanism, lyricism, depiction of feelings and sentiments during tragic moments of characters’ lives, combination of deep realism with humor and phantasy – these are the features of famous French writer Gaston Chereau’s works. As a subtle master of psychological analysis, he gently touches the depths of the human soul, as a thoughtful analyst – shows the dependence of a character on social conditions.

In our most difficult times, the humanistic works Gaston Chereau are beneficial to the souls of Ukrainian people, strengthen them spiritually. The unique style of the French writer, his original philosophical world captivate readers in the twenty-first century.

Yevhenia Napuda,

Head of the service department

of Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library named afterF.Potushnyak

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