Are Uzhgorod city and Uzhgorod district going to fight over the land? District Council have already complained about the city

On Friday, February 22, there was a regular session of Uzhgorod district council. Among all the usual work issues there was the one that caused great concern of the deputies. It refers to the land at the border that both the city and the district consider their own.

The adjustment to the master plan of the regional center, the public discussion of which is ongoing, alarmed Uzhgorod district council members. They believe that "the document violates legally established existing limits of surrounding villages of Uzhgorod district."

In protest against these actions of the City Council without the consent of the respective village councils of Uzhgorod district, the deputies made an appeal to the leadership of the region and the regional prosecutor’s office. Elected representatives ask to respond to, quote, "illegal actions of the city authorities, which are contrary to the interests of local communities."

So, what will be the response to this request from the regional authorities? And will we hear the answer to the charges from Poshtova Square? 

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