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For Transcarpathians passionate about motion (VIDEO)

For Transcarpathians passionate about motion (VIDEO)

6 June 2015 17:31  42100693 0101710
June 27, the Hungarian capital will host the second Motion Night. Recall that this is a free attraction for those who love sports, unusual experiences and sleepless nights.

All visitors will be able to try themselves in 16 sports in the heart of Budapest: bicycles, table tennis, rowing, fitness, yoga...

As the last year's event showed, the organizers will apply effective methods to make the participants try how it feels like to exercise, having certain physical disabilities. To encourage healthy lifestyle, the country's top athletes will become active participants of the event, and all participants will receive free, healthy treats.

Interesting, unusual event attracts many people. For example, last year, according to the organizers, the sporting sleepless night was attended by about 15,000 participants.

On June 27, from 21 to 4 in the morning, the center of Budapest will be noisy, fun and healthy. You should be there! - the official site of the sports holiday invites.

Bavka invites to see the Wizards (Announcement)

Bavka invites to see the Wizards (Announcement)

6 June 2015 16:43  39100692 0101709
Every Sunday, Transcarpathian Regional Academic Puppet Theatre "Bavka" invites kids to its performances.

Tomorrow, June 7, kids will see the fairy tale "Wizard Marabou", written by Gunter Horst and translated by Petro Skunts.

Children will be able to see the lyrical love story of a rhino and a giraffe in the theater at 11.00 and 13.00, the ProZahid reminds.

Carriers will be checked until the end of June

Carriers will be checked until the end of June

6 June 2015 16:27  104100691 0101708
Preventive measures in the passenger road transport entitled "Bus - 2015" have been initiated in the region, the site of Transcarpathian traffic police informs.

The complex of preventive measures is carried out in two phases (preparation - from 01 to 03 of June and practical - from 04 to 30 of June, 2015).

The aim of the measures is the prevention of accidents in passenger road transport, prevention of violations of traffic rules by bus drivers, especially those that provide services of passenger transportation, the state control over compliance with legislation in an automobile road safety and prosecution of transport companies' officials commiting violations in this area, as well as taking preventive measures in the passenger road transport jointly with other interested agencies and the media.

How poets are commemorated in western Ukraine (PHOTOS)

How poets are commemorated in western Ukraine (PHOTOS)

6 June 2015 15:30  126100690 0101707
Today is the 216th anniversary of the classic of world literature, great poet, playwright and novelist, creator of the modern Russian literary language Alexander Pushkin.

According to already established tradition, on June 6, at 10 am, members of Uzhgorod Society of Russian Culture and other admirers of the great poet gathered near the monument to Pushkin on the eponymous square in the regional center of Transcarpathia, the korzonews reported.

The head of the Society Volodymyr Krivoshapko and veteran of Russian cultural movement in Transcarpathia, a member of the Presidium of the UzhSRC, former head of Uzhgorod Ivan Mashkov laid a wreath from Uzhgorod Society of Russian Culture at the monument.

Naturally, the holiday of poetry is impossible without poetry. The Deputy Chairman of Uzhgorod Society of Russian Culture, Ph.D., assistant professor of the Russian literature department of UzhNU, poetess Lyudmyla Borodina, Valentina Konovalenko, who was long working as a teacher of Russian language in Ufa and now is back in her native city, a member of the Presidium of the UzhSRC and famous public figure Nadia Boychuk, poet and bard Valeriy Asaulyuk, known actress and reciter Alla Belinska recited poems near he monuments...

V.Tarasyuk: Those, who know why they joined the Department of Journalism, will achieve good results

V.Tarasyuk: Those, who know why they joined the Department of Journalism, will achieve good results

6 June 2015 15:05  63100681 0101698
On May 25, 1994, the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk signed a decree № 251/94 to establish a new "professional holiday of media workers - the Journalist Day" on June 6.

The date for the celebration was chosen not randomly. It was on this memorable day when the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine was accepted to the ranks of the International Federation of Journalists - the world's largest organization of professional media workers.

On the occasion, here are a few quotes from the person, who has direct relevance to practical work and, at the same time, is largely responsible for journalistic education. Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism of UzhNU, Candidate of Philology Volodymyr Tarasyuk talked with a correspondent of the Chas Zakarpattya.

- One can not have a positive opinion about the information "stuffing" which spoils the Ukrainian media "pie". But we must understand: no car is going to run long on a cheap, low quality fuel. The same applies to the domestic media: if we want them to be of a high quality, poor, socially unprotected journalist is not going to help. Freedom of speech, objective, impartial information are expensive. If the society wants to have them, it must be prepared to pay for it... Today, almost everyone, who has access to the Internet, practices writing in social networks.

- The older generation of media people remembers the era of village worker's reporters, how they differed from actual media workers. That's how blogging and journalism are related. Both have the right to exist in social networks. In some aspects they are similar to each other, in others - radically different. But, by definition, blog entries have temporary significance. But journalism is something that lives longer. I in no way want to diminish the role of bloggers, because there are real masters of words among them. But, as for me, journalism is more visionary...

- The department has the necessary resources and specialists, including practitioners. But we must admit that no journalistic institution in the world is able to catch up with the development of modern media. On the other hand, if Ukraine wants to produce quality professionals, we need to make appropriate investments in education, develop the science...

- Students are different: some are good, others are mediocre, some have the motivation to creative work, others have not, some came to practice in the first year, others - in the third... There are different cases. However, there are disturbing trends in general. First, the level of freshmen's knowledge leaves much to be desired. And we often have to repeat the school curriculum in first years. Secondly, young journalists often become disillusioned by the profession because of high demands, low wages, lack of work, and therefore they often come for a diploma rather than knowledge (hoping it may be of use in the future).

But, those, who understand why they entered the department of journalism, who work consistently, achieve good results.

Can Uzhgorod crack Polish "hard nut"? (Announcement)

Can Uzhgorod crack Polish "hard nut"? (Announcement)

6 June 2015 13:39  77100680 0101697

Strawberry Paradise (Announcement)

Strawberry Paradise (Announcement)

6 June 2015 12:50  167100679 0101696
Strawberry trip of the Borzhava railway will be held on June 7, 2015.

According to the organizers of the Strawberry Tour, the program consists of:

1. Tasting of three varieties of strawberries grown in Vynogradiv district

2. Presentation of home-made strawberry compote and syrup

3. The process of making natural strawberry jam at the station of Khmilnyk

4. For those, who feel hungry, banosh with cheese

5. For dessert - tokan with strawberry jam

6. Tour of Khmilnyk station

7. Riding on a trolley.

The train departs from Vynogradiv at 8:05 and 13:05.

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Contraband cigarettes were found near the border with Slovakia (PHOTOS)

Contraband cigarettes were found near the border with Slovakia (PHOTOS)

6 June 2015 12:22  139100678 0101693
Around one in the morning, at the site of the department "Huta", one kilometer from the border with Slovakia, Chop border guards detained a group of 7 persons and an off-road vehicle. As a result of the check, they found 17 packages of cigarettes "Jin Ling". The offenders had no documents for the goods or IDs. According to them, they were residents of one of the border villages of Uzhgorod district and intended to deliver this consignment to Slovakia.

The offenders and the car with the cargo were delivered to the border unit for identification and drafting administrative procedural documents. The decision on the liability for the attempted illegal crossing of the state border will be determined by the court, the press service of the Chop border guard detachment informed.

How not to miss the most important in Uzhgorod (MAP)

How not to miss the most important in Uzhgorod (MAP)

6 June 2015 10:38  397100674 0101690
For tourists in Uzhgorod: "Tourist guide to Uzhgorod (Transcarpathia) in PDF which can be printed out or used on a PC and modern gadgets. The guide will save a lot of time in the process of exploring the city. It presents only those sites that are of real tourist interest. There are about 50 sites in the guide. 15 of them are significant, the rest are of minor appeal. The list of sites does not include modern architectural vandalism, which will partially protect tourists from negative emotions. The first page of the guide is a map of Uzhgorod. The main places of interest are numbered, minor sites are marked without numbers. The second, third and fourth pages present reference information. Only the most important and interesting information on the sites."

Website where the map is available:

Website section where the map is available: