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Arbuzov wants Ukrainians to save their money in hryvnias

4 February 2013 17:43  3329696 030282
The First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov advises Ukrainians to keep their savings in local currency. He said that in an interview to a TV channel, informs "Radio Svoboda".

In Transcarpathia, cancer will be treated with radioactive iodine

In Transcarpathia, cancer will be treated with radioactive iodine

4 February 2013 16:58  58729695 030281
In the Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Oncology Dispensary soon they begin to treat patients with thyroid cancer with the new, modern method - radioactive iodine.

The smuggler of illegal immigrants, who had been 2 years in hiding, was convicted

4 February 2013 16:29  3429694 030280
The sentence of the Uzhgorod city and district court against the 55-year-old local resident, born in Irshava district - one of the members of the organized criminal group, who tried to smuggle 19 illegal immigrants across the state border of Ukraine, has entered into force.

Uzhgorod judge was fired for abetment of gambling business

Uzhgorod judge was fired for abetment of gambling business

4 February 2013 16:10  23929693 030279
High Council of Justice dismissed an Uzhgorod City Court judge from his position. He was fired for violating the oath.

A resident of Mukachevo district nearly killed his neighbor

4 February 2013 15:40  3429692 030278
Late at night an ambulance delivered an injured man to the Mukachevo district hospital. The victim was a 68-year-old resident of the village of N.Luchky in Mukachevo district, who was diagnosed with an open head injury, brain contusion and, worst of all, suspected fracture of the skull base.

The regional council has allocated 500,000 UAH for Transcarpathian resorts

4 February 2013 15:09  2729691 030277
A meeting of the Standing Committee of the Regional Council for the development of tourism and recreation, headed by Dmytro Andriyuk was held.

Africans were travelling from Kyiv to Vienna with false French passports

4 February 2013 14:49  5529690 030276
In recent days, Chop border guards prevented another attempts to illegally cross the border. This time, at the checkpoints on the Hungarian border.

In Transcarpathia there will be a great festival of Hungarian cuisine

4 February 2013 14:06  22629689 030275
February 4 to 10 in Transcarpathia there will be the first "Week of Hungarian dishes in Beregovo district." Almost all the major restaurants and farmsteads of the district, that is home to the largest Hungarian community in Ukraine, will participate in this event.

"Zakarpathaz" resumed gas supply in Zaliznychny Lane

4 February 2013 12:47  3229683 030269
Yesterday, February 3, at 8.00, 6 houses of the private sector in Zaliznychny lane of the regional center were disconnected from the gas supply.

Transcarpathia earned 800,000 on tourist tax

4 February 2013 12:20  2929682 030268
In 2012, local budgets of Transcarpathian region received 808,000 UAH from the tourist tax. This is a local tax that is paid for accommodation in hotels, boarding houses, motels. In Svalyava district they have earned on tourists the most - nearly 230,000 UAH, in Beregovo district - the least - a little less than 4 thousand. In the regional center the budget received 155,000 UAH from the tourist tax. In Beregovo - 31,000, in Mukachevo - almost 37,000.

Media: Khoroshkovsky was forced to leave Ukraine

4 February 2013 12:07  8029681 030267
Khoroshkovskiy explained that his decision to sell the "Inter" group to Dmytro Firtash was caused by financial difficulties and, according to media reports, has already left Ukraine. Experts believe that by buying Khoroshkovsky's assets, Firtash saves him. "In these circumstances I have no way to ensure further development of the group, and these factors were the main reason for selling" - said Khoroshkovsky.

In Transcarpathia 700,000 UAH will be allocated for book printing

4 February 2013 11:48  4529680 030266
This year 700,000 UAH from the regional budget will be spent on book publication. This sum is provided under the regional program for support of local authors publishing.

Air pirates - in Uzhgorod Airport, pirates were caught

Air pirates - in Uzhgorod Airport, pirates were caught

4 February 2013 11:28  26029679 030265
The city airport shall pay "Microsoft" Corporation 66,000 USD as a compensation for copyright infringement in the form of using unlicensed software.

In Chorny Potik people will not give 4 thousand hectares of forest and 450 hectares of land

In Chorny Potik people will not give 4 thousand hectares of forest and 450 hectares of land

4 February 2013 11:02  13929678 030262
February 3, 2013 in the village of Chorny Potik in Irshava district there was a public hearing on lobbying interest of Hunting and Fishing Association "Velyky Dil" that want to lease from the rural community 3,648 hectares of forest and 450 hectares of arable land for a period of 49 years for breeding pheasants and horses.

In Korolevo Roma camp, another baby died

4 February 2013 10:38  44329675 030261
On Friday, a paramedic of the family ambulance of Korolevo village reported that while out on call he had stated the death of a two-month boy. The external examination of the body did not reveal any signs of violent death. The child had a birth defect of the heart. Doctors noted poor living conditions and treatment of the child. This is the second infant death in the Roma camp within a week.