Antsya Kushnytska with the retro-locomotive will make a tourist trip from Irshava this Friday (PHOTOS)

The retro-train will depart from Irshava at 12:00, – the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration reported.

– Antsya Kushnytska has not been in Irshava for three years, but the railway track is in quite satisfactory condition (it was checked by railwaymen), – the head of the Regional State Administration H. Moskal said. – The station building in Irshava is quite unique, it is beautifully preserved, in addition, there is equipment from the Czechoslovak period there. Therefore, it was decided that on Friday and Saturday the tourist route with the retro-steam locomotive GR-280 will start not from Vynogradiv, but from Irshava.

The train will depart from Irshava at 12.00 and will arrive to Vynogradiv at 14.50. And at 15.30, it will depart from Vynogradiv and arrive back to Irshava at 19.00 (time-table with stops at intermediate stations is attached). Currently, the railway station and the adjacent territory are being fixed up. We inspected the Borzhava narrow-gauge railway to Kushnytsia and concluded that the Irshava section is the most attractive for tourist trips. In addition, there is a lot of very interesting rare facilities of the narrow-gauge railway that we will use in the future. For example, the "Austro-Hungarian" building of the railway station in Pryborzhavske, which, though has been abandoned for many years, can be restored in its authentic form in a short time. Or an extremely interesting branch from Pryborzhavske to the limestone factory with a railway bridge across the Borzhava river. There is still a unique semaphore in Kushnytsia, where we plan to make the terminal railway station of the tourist route. The narrow-gauge rails from Irshava to Kushnytsia, although overgrown with grass, are still suitable for use. And part of the track dismantled seven years ago should be restored. Over the past few weeks, we have been inspecting the most important facilities of the Borzhava narrow-gauge railway, so that next year we can make provisions in the budget for the financing of their restoration.


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