Another Ukrainian lost his car because of cigarettes

Last night, a car "Mitsubishi" driven by a 23-year-old citizen of Ukraine arrived at the checkpoint "Tisa" for border and customs control. Due to a number of factors, border guards together with customs officers decided to thoroughly inspect the car.

As a result of the joint in-depth inspection, they found domestically produced contraband cigarettes "Rothmans" in a structural recess under the dashboard of the car. The total number of the tobacco products was 425 packs. The access to the hidden cigarettes became possible only after the dismantling of the dashboard near the steering wheel, the decorative plating and metal plates.

The found cigarettes were seized and valued at over 7,000 UAH. Also, they seized the vehicle "Mitsubishi", which was valued at over 138,000 UAH.

Press Service of the Chop border guard detachment

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