Another surprise from the educational platform “NOMEN”

The educational platform "NOMEN" has prepared a new lecture. This time it is called "Between Poland and Ukraine: from landscape to graffiti." It will be conducted by Błażej Rusyn.

Błażej Rusyn is a Polish artist living in Uzhgorod. When he had to choose between three cities to live in – Tallinn, Milan and Uzhgorod, Błażej chose the latter. Here he works, fully focusing on art and from time to time travelling to Europe to lecture on the subject of urban art. In recent years, Błażej has lectured in many cities, including Lviv, Frankivsk, Dresden, Kosice and Augsburg. Common elements of Ukrainian and Polish cultures ​​and the evolution of art from academic painting to graffiti will be discussed at the meeting with Błażej Rusyn.

The event will be held on March 11.

The beginning is at 14:00

Venue – "Owl’s Nest"

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