Another surprise from the city government!

Citylights in the historic center of Uzhgorod will stay there for another 5 years. After the executive committee had repeatedly postponed this issue, today the decision was finally supported.

This was reported by the Mukachevo.Net

However, the newly adopted decision is slightly different from those proposed previously and provides for the continuation of leases for advertising media for a single advertiser – PE Bulanov LM

And the worst of it is that this entrepreneur owns most of the billboards in the historic center, including all citylights on Voloshin street and on Teatralna, Petofi, Koryatovich and Fedynets Squares.

The validity of permits for the above outdoor advertising media was continued until 10.09.2019.

Victor Pogorelov said that the working group had been working on this issue for two months and decided that these citylights do not spoil architectural appearance of the center.

Despite numerous complaints and opposition of the community, the decision was adopted. They say that the mayor’s family has an interest in it – his eldest son is the indirect owner of the advertising firm. This firm received desired spots in the city center, and now the historical part of Uzhgorod is cluttered with advertising visual garbage. 

Now, without listening to the opinion of Uzhgorod residents, they "legalized" it.

We are waiting for the reaction of the community!

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