Another nano-sculpture will be set in Uzhgorod near Svejk (PHOTOS)

This was announced on his page on Facebook by Oleksandr Bohdanov.

"Good news for all travelers, guides, local historians and other people who actively care about Transcarpathia. I want to be the first to share great news! One more nano-sculpture will soon appear in Uzhgorod.

The official opening of the "Monument Transcarpathian Tourist" is scheduled for June 10.

The sculpture will be made of bronze. It is a collective image of all Transcarpathian tourists. The location for it is already approved – the railing on Kyivska embankment, near the mini-sculpture of Svejk. The "Tourist" will be standing with his back to "Svejk", facing the Czech Republic. The distance between the figures will be 23 inches or 57 cm.

The figure 23 is symbolic. It is the number years of between the first publication of "Good Soldier Svejk" and the year when our region officially became known as "Transcarpathian". And the number 57 is the year of the first film adaptation of "Svejk". I was asked not to disclose the name of the sculptor, however, they allowed me to take pictures of two approved final designs for the future sculpture. "Daytime" and "Twilight"…

I am happy for Uzhgorod! I am very happy for Transcarpathia!

PS Support the news with repost! Thanks to everyone!"

Uzhgorod residents responded to the news, as always, with humor. In particular, one user suggested that the tourist looks like Fedir Shandor.


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