Another facade on the Koryatovych street in Uzhgorod is ruined

It appears that in the center of Uzhgorod there will appear another tastelessly decorated shop. This time, it will be instead of famous brand shop on the Koryatovych street. Workers for several days have been working on the design of a shop or a cafe called «Tutti Frutti», covering the facade tiles with plastic. 
The only positive moment is that the new owners decided to renovate the pavement. However, if you look at the whole building, it seems that it is about to collapse. 
By the way, the huge advertising of the "TAS" Insurance Group, which violates guidelines for signage, is for some reason still in its place. Moreover, air conditioning unit on the second floor completely ruined the facade of the building, which looks very unpresentable in comparison with neighboring houses.

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