Another diver was detained in Transcarpathia

Border guards of the "Dilove" division of the Mukachevo detachment detained a man in diving suit. In the morning, the man was trying to smuggle packages of cigarettes to Romania.

However, the border guards prevented those intentions and on the bank of the Tisa river detained a man in a diving suit who was trying to illegally cross the border from Ukraine to Romania. It is noteworthy that later, while checking the coast of the river, the border guards found two packages wrapped in black polyethylene.

It should be added that since the beginning of the year, this is the third case of the detention of locals who using special equipment try to smuggle cigarettes to the neighboring state. The detainee was delivered to the unit for the identification and preparation of administrative and judicial documents under Art. 202, Art. 204-1 of the CAO.

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