Another bus route will be opened in Uzhgorod – more than 30 stops in one way

This was stated on his page by the Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv: "We have received a lot of appeals on bus service to remote parts of the city. Such proposals were taken into account when we opened the route 18, which, now has the largest passenger traffic. 

For six months, our transport department and municipal enterprise "Uzhgorod Municipal Transport" were studying the passenger traffic, analyzing citizens appeals, and formed the route 24. It will run as follows: Dravtsi (right at the entrance to the city) – Gagarin st. – Ukrainska st. – Ivan Ankundinov st. (near the school 11) – Railway Station – Svoboda Avenue – Mynaiska st. – Hrushevsky st. – Maria Zankovetska st. – Lehotsky st. – Bobyak st. – Zahorska st. – Zakarpatska st. – Sobranetska st. – Griboyedov st. – UzhNU. 

This will solve the problems for people traveling from the "Novy" neighbourhood to the BAM, residents of Zahorska street who didn’t have bus service to the railway and the bus station. Students will be able to travel from Dravtsi to the university without transfers, it will be easier to get from Gagarin street to the "Novy" neighbourhood. 
The terms and conditions of the tender for the route are being developed, the time-table is being formed, etc. We will use on this route the new buses that we are buying this year. The route No. 24 will be opened in the autumn."

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