Another attempt of cigarette smuggling to Romania was prevented in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

As a result of joint searches, Ukrainian and Romanian border guards found 32 packs of cigarettes. 
Officers of the Mukachevo Border Guard Detachment, namely the department of the border guard service "Dilove", together with Romanian counterparts, prevented the illegal transportation of 32 packs of cigarettes across the state border. 
The smuggling attempt was prevented thanks to the rapid exchange of information on the detection of signs of suspected illegal activity near the Tisa river, on the border with Romania. 
As a result of joint search activities, 23 packages with more than 11,000 packs of Belarusian-made cigarettes were found on the Ukrainian side. Another 9 packages were detained by Romanian border guards. 
The tobacco products were delivered to the border guard unit, and later will be handed over to the SFS employees. 
Press Service of the Mukachevo Border Guard Detachment


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