Animation for serious things: claymation cartoons about elections in were presented in Transcarpathian region

The media animation project is designed to get people involved to the election process.

The presentation of the project "Election Media Workshop in Transcarpathia-2019" took place in the Uzhgorod Press Club.

According to Irina Breza, project manager, the head of the Uzhgorod Press Club, using the animated cartoons on election topics, the authors prompt citizens to be responsible and take part in the elections.

The leader of the team making the cartoons is Vlada Mazur, known to Transcarpathians for her bright claymation cartoons.

This is a very interesting media animation project designed to get people involved in the election process. There has never been anything like it in Transcarpathia. We decided to do it in the form of claymation, – Vlada Mazur said. – I am very happy that children are helping us. I really love their art. Although children can not vote, they can study this subject in order to be aware of government processes and vote knowingly in a few years. Animation talks about serious things in understandable language, – Vlada Mazur added.

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