Animal rights activists are concerned about the mass poisoning of animals near Uzhgorod

On November 10, in the group "Everyone Has a Second Chance", animal rights activists reported about widespread poisoning in the village of Onokivtsi. 

The victims include both street dogs and pets – three cases have been reported. According to the animal rights activists, the poison could be either for mice or a more aggressive one. 

It is also known that in a few days 6 vaccinated puppies, that were kept by volunteers, died. The veterinarian tried to save the animals and eventually concluded – poisoning.  

The animal rights activists have information from the residents of the village that cats and chickens were affected too. 

The group members suggests that the poison must have been more serious than the one used for mice.      

The animal rights activists will probably try to find out what exactly caused the animal poisoning in Onokivtsi through examination. 


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