Animal protect activists are trying to save a swan with a broken wing in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

Fishermen amateurs, who were fishing in one of the lakes near Uzhgorod a few days ago, informed Transcarpathian animal protection organization volunteers about the injured swan that lives in this pond.

The volunteers drove to this lake yesterday with the hope to catch the swan and take him to the vet, and if necessary in a special institution in Lviv, where birds are kept currently. When the volunteers arrived, it turned out that the swan was really injured. It seemed he has a broken wing. However, they failed to catch him from the first time.

Therefore, volunteers are searching for experts who would help them to catch the bird for transportation in a special institution, where he will be cured. After all the majority of birds that have a broken wing, unfortunately, are doomed because they cannot fly.


Zakarpattia Online

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