Andriyiv said which roads in Uzhgorod he wants to renovate in 2016

At the meeting with activists of Uzhgorod and the Public Council at the City Council, the mayor of the regional center Andriyiv said that he was not going to read the report. Instead, he answered questions. One of them concerned the strategy for this year. That is, which priorities the Mayor has determined for himself in Uzhgorod and where he will put most effort. So, Bogdan Andriyiv decided to talk about plans for the roads. And announced the main areas where repairs can be done this year.

Those are Zakarpatska, Mozhaisky streets, Kirpa square, the intersection with roundabout on Babyak-Lehotsky-Peremoha streets, Peremoha street from Svoboda Ave. to the "Foxtrot", Sobranetska street from Pidhirna to Bercheni street.

Andriyiv stresses: it will be overhaul, and responding to the question of emphasizes: yes, with drainage

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