Andriyiv has received indictment, but is not involved in the case, the press service says

The press service of Uzhgorod City Council informs: today, on August 29, 2018, in the first half of the day, the regional prosecutor of Transcarpathia Volodymyr Havryliuk served Uzhgorod city mayor Bohdan Andriyiv an idictment about the circumstances of the reconstruction of the cultural and historical center "Owl’s Nest".

At the same time, they inform that there is official technical documentation from the government authority, which confirms the absence of material damage, which would cause financial loss to the state or the city’s community. These documents are currently being prepared by attorneys and will subsequently be submitted to the pre-trial investigation authority.

It is also noted that all tender procedures for the reconstruction of the "Owl’s Nest" had been carried out and the work had begun before Bohdan Andriyiv assumed the office of the mayor of Uzhgorod.

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