Andriy Pogorelov: Uzhgorod air is fine, it’s just that the station is in the wrong place

On Tuesday, February 19, there was the briefing of the head of the State Administration of Environmental Protection in Transcarpathian region Andriy Pogorelov.He, among other things, reported that industrial enterprises remain the major air pollutants in the region. This is particularly true for Perechyn and Velyky Bychkiv wood-chemical plants. As you know, last year Uzhgorod was also recognized as one of the leaders of this kind of anti-rating. Andriy Pogorelov quite unexpectedly commented on this issue.

"One of the stations that monitors air quality in Uzhgorod is located directly beside the 16-storey building. That is, where there is the largest number of vehicles. So, I am not sure that the indicators in this part of town reflect the situation in the whole regional center" – the chief ecologist of Transcarpathia said.

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