Andriy Lyubka will present a new novel in Ukraine in September (+ PRESENTATION SCHEDULE)

Despite the mysteriously romantic name, the new novel of Andriy Lyubka, who is currently on a trip to Canada, has a realistic plot. Thus, they say, one of the characters is a judge who committed a road accident.

Other details will become known later: the young writer will present the new novel "Your Gaze, Chio Chio San" in Ukraine already in September.

The schedule of the first presentations of the novel is on the poster.

чіо іл

And here’s something about the book: "A drunk judge runs over and kills a young woman on a pedestrian crossing and, of course, avoids punishment without much trouble. But the victim’s husband is not the one, who can be bought or intimidated, he wants revenge. A psychological thriller about contemporary Ukraine, where the value of human life is measured in bribes, and murderers are in the first rows at church services. But what does Puccini and the gaze of Madame Butterfly have to do with it? Is the line between good and evil really clear in this novel? Readers will not find answers to the last question until the ending. And, maybe, not even after it".

Genre: psychological thriller. Editor: Oleksandr Boychenko. Illustrations: Alyona Shum. Design: Anna Styopina. Publisher: Meridian Czernowitz.

You can order a signed copy of the book here.

Andriy Lyubka also posted an illustration to the novel.

чіо афіша

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