And dollar goes higher …

Prognosis of skeptics that immediately after the elections the dollar will rise quickly at least to 9 hryvnias, fortunately have not materialized, however, there are no reasons to be happy either. The dollar is growing, though slowly. 

Today most Ukrainian banks are already selling American money for more than 8.2 hryvnias. Despite the fact that the official NBU rate is 7.9930. 

Also, again, some banks do not have dollars for sale at all. Today, we were in a few outlets in Uzhgorod: some do not have the currency at all, others may sell it in limited amount, others sell as much as you want. The price is above 8.2. 

Meanwhile, the situation with rates in banks looks like speculation, because as recently as yesterday "Oshchadbank" was selling large amounts of dollars (at least 400-500 could be bought without problems) at the rate of 8.11. 

It seems that the management of banks does not know how the rates situation will develop further. Experts participating in monthly Reurets survey are inclined to think that by the end of the year dollar will cost 8,4-8,5 UAH, and in 2013 the price will increase to 9 UAH. So at least a sharp fall, as in 2008, is not expected.  

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