An Uzhgorod resident is suspected of corrupting a young girl

On August 12, at 21:08, Uzhgorod police received a report from a woman that her daughter’s husband had committed unlawful actions against her granddaughter.

As the spokeswoman of the Transcarpathian regional police Tetyana Shchegoleva reported to the, an investigative team was immediately called at the scene on Uzhanska Street and detained the suspect.

According to the patrol policemen, who were first to arrive at the scene, many people had gathered near the house of the alleged offender, so they had to call two more crews to help ensure the order.

The man was taken to the city police station, where he was interviewed and released. After that, the investigators talked with both the grandmother and the child.

– The crime provided by this article, according to Ukrainian legislation, is of the moderate severity, and he cannot be taken into custody under this article, – the spokeswoman of the police said.

Patrol policeman said that the man had confessed to the crime, but the police can not confirm or refute this information, referring to the secret of the investigation.

At the moment, all the facts are being verified, criminal proceeding has been initiated under Part 2 of Article 156 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, abuse of children.

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