An unknown tractor driver plowed just repaired international road “Dyakovo – Vylok” (PHOTOS)

Between the villages of Nevetlenfolu and Pyiterfolvo (Vynogradiv district), a local farmer plowed newly renovated highway M-26 "Dyakovo – Vylok." The road of international importance leading to the only cargo checkpoint at the Ukrainian-Romanian border in Transcarpathia has not been repaired since Ukraine gained independence. Last year, local residents even blocked traffic there demanding to patch the pits. This year, with great effort, they managed to receive UAH 30 million for the major repair of the road, which is the face of Ukraine for anyone who drives here from Romania. Since there are fields on both sides of the road, road builders made 24 asphalt exits for farm machinery, the only thing left to do to complete the repair was to apply markup.

– We planned to hold grand opening of the road next week, and look at that! – the head of the Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal cannot hide his outrage. – Some tractor driver from the village of Pyiterfolvo did not want to go several hundred meters to the exit, drove to his land directly from the road and plowed the asphalt coating. Left his mark in the history of the village… And you know what’s interesting? No one even thinks of blocking the road and demanding to punish the culprit, everyone is sitting quietly, like nothing happened. Now I doubt if we should build the road for such, pardon me, "savages"?

Law enforcement officers are searching for the tractor driver, who ruined the road surface, to bring him to administrative responsibility.


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