An outbreak of measles in Rakhiv district: many children are ill

A measles outbreak was registered among the students of the secondary school in the village of Chorna Tysa, Rakhiv district. The total number of patients is 36. Mostly, those are mild and mediums forms of the disease.

Two sick students were hospitalized to the infection disease department of the Rakhiv District Hospital. The number of persons in contact with the patients at school and at home was identified and 21-day-long medical observation over them was organized. Recommendations on ventilation and damp cleaning at school and at the patients’ places of residence were provided.

The issue of epidemic situation on measles is scheduled to be considered at a meeting of the emergencies commission of the Rakhiv district state administration.

According to the operational data, since the beginning of 2018, 2,238 cases of measles have been registered in Transcarpathian region, the incidence rate is 177.8 per 100 thousand people, including 1,807 cases among children under the age of 17.

Medical and preventive measures are being taken, – the Department of Health informs

Meanwhile, in social networks, journalists report a much higher number of sick children in Rakhiv region and claim that doctors deliberately conceal the information.

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