An old man was celebrating his retirement and found himself … at the police station

In Svalyava, near the railway station, a unit of the State Security Service conducted a routine inspection of protected objects. Returning past the station, the policemen noticed a man who looked like he was sick. The policemen came closer, and their suspicions were confirmed: he was beaten, dirty and… very drunk.

The questions about his health and comments on being in a public place in such a state suddenly caused an inadequate reaction from the man. He began to shout at the policemen and threaten them. Each the minute he became more aggressive. Even passers-by began to advise him to behave decently. Not listening to them, the man began to cling to policemen’s uniform and insult them. The rowdy had to be taken to the police station.

As it turned out, on that day the man had received documents for retirement. Perhaps this was the reason for his "celebration", during which he had too much alcohol.

 When his wife came for him, the man began to rebound – the effect of alcohol began to wear off. Who, what for and when had beaten him – he could not remember. Also the drunken man could not remember why he had been taken to the police station. The administrative record for disobeying the police was made against the pensioner.

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