An illegal migrant from Albania was detained at the border with Hungary (PHOTOS)

The offender, who was trying to get into Hungary illegally, was detained last night by military personnel of the border guard department "Kosyno" of the Mukachevo detachment.
While patrolling, border guards noticed an unknown man, who had climbed over the fence and was moving toward the border. A 50-year-old Albanian citizen was detained 50 meters to the state border. The man could not explain his attempt to cross the border outside the checkpoint and the purpose of his stay at the border. It is also not clear why the foreigner chose this way of crossing the border, since he had a valid travel passport on him. A report of administrative offense was drawn up against the detainee. The circumstances of the alien’s unlawful journey, as well as the persons possibly involved in it are being established.
The further fate of the foreigner will be determined by the court.

Press Service of the Mukachevo Border Guard Detachment

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