An explosion due to a gas leak in a high-rise building was prevented in Uzhgorod

In Uzhgorod, an explosion due to a gas leak was prevented in a high-rise building

The Uzhgorod City Council today received a call that there was a threat of a gas explosion in a high-rise building on Mykola Bobyak Street: one of the residents of the house, after his gas supply was cut off, was working on a gas riser.

Employees of the civil protection department of the city council, acting in accordance with the protocol, immediately informed the "Zakarpatgaz", police, SES, power engineers, medics, who immediately arrived at the scene. First of all, gas and electricity supply in the house was cut off, and a partial evacuation of residents was carried out.

The man refused to open the door to the apartment, but representatives of the relevant services acted swiftly and entered the apartment. It turned out that the man had torn the seal off the gas riser and pulled out the plug, which could lead to tragedy.

Currently, doctors and law enforcement officers are working with the man.

The press service of the Uzhgorod City Council

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