An agricultural company offers its land for a new airport in Transcarpathia

"Leanka" agricultural company, that is engaged in winemaking, offers to consider its lands near the village of Serednye for the construction of a new airport in Transcarpathia. The proposed plot of land is located halfway between Uzhgorod and Mukachevo,

This was reported by the CFTS.

"Implementation of such a project will ensure: saving of costs for the acquisition of land from private owners; development of modern infrastructure; providing permanent jobs for residents; constant demand for our wine", – the post reads.

Assistant director Dmytro Kravchenko said that now the company owns 1,200 hectares of land, of which only 4.5 hectares are under vineyards. Based on the available information on the parameters of the airport planned for construction, in particular, on the length of the runway not less than 2500 m, "Leanka" is ready to allocate an area of ​​133 hectares.

Asked what prompted this offer, he said that the company is 100% state-owned. Accordingly, the state will receive land for the airport absolutely free of charge. For the company itself, which is currently not in the best financial position, it will be profitable from reputation standpoint.

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