AMC demands to lower gasoline prices by January 10

The Committee is concerned about the price situation on the oil market, and expects from the gas station operators an adequate response by the January 10, 2013.

Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) expects oil traders to bring gasoline prices to reasonable level. According to AMC, Ukrainian gas stations set too high trade allowances in the retail sale of fuel.
According to the deputy chairman of the Committee Fedir Vlad, the Committee is concerned about price situation on the oil market, and expects from the operators an adequate response – namely the lowering of gasoline prices – by January 10, 2013.
In their turn, the profile association "Ukrnaftokhimpererobka" promised that by January 10, 2013, market participants will have responded to the request of the AMC.
"We understand the concern of the Committee and will fix the situation," – said the director of the association Mykhailo Mindresku.
It should be noted that at the end of December the average cost of the most popular brand of gasoline A-95 at Ukrainian gas stations is 11.05 UAH per liter. Premium gasoline on average costs 11.83 UAH, fuel A-92 – 10.75 UAH / liter. Diesel fuel at Ukrainian gas stations on average costs 10.05 UAH.


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