All-Ukrainian Job Fair will be held in Uzhgorod

Within the framework of the social project "Live and work in Ukraine!", on December 8, 2017, the Employment Service jointly with the National Network of Construction and Commercial Hypermarkets "Epicenter K" and the National Network of Decorative and Construction Hypermarkets "Nova Liniya" will hold the All-Ukrainian Job Fair simultaneously in more than 30 cities of Ukraine, almost in 60 hypermarkets "Epicenter K" and "Nova Liniya" all over Ukraine.

The All-Ukrainian Job Fair will include a number of activities aimed at filling the vacancies at hypermarkets, as well as the activities of the visiting employment center to provide services to clients:

– consulting related to employment;

– making of CV / video CV;

– testing, professional examination;

– training with the help of the employment service;

– advice of the psychologist "Adaptation on a new job", etc.

The opening of events in Transcarpathia will take place at 11.00. at:

entrance foyer of the "Epicenter K" on Babyak Street, 7/1, Uzhgorod.

entrance foyer of the "Nova Liniya" on Babyak Street, 48, Uzhgorod

entrance foyer of the "Epicenter K" on Lavkivska Street, 1D, Mukachevo, – the department of organizational and informational work and archival affairs of the Transcarpathian Regional Employment Center reports.

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