All sweet Christmas trees of Shtefanyo (PHOTOS) collected all sweet Christmas trees made by the famous confectioner Valentin Shtefanyo. Most of them were made with a noble goal. 

2008. The master made a 10-kilogram, one-meter-high tree (of the French chocolate). He worked for 12 consecutive hours. Then, the tree consisted of miniature Eiffel towers painted in green. He decorated it with balloons and carnival masks. Then the chocolate miracle was put in the window of Uzhgorod coffee shop, where Valentin works, so that all could see it.


2009. A 20-kilogram tree made of dark chocolate. The sweet product was 1.32 m high. It had an unusual appearance: the base was a triangle filled with Christmas decorations inside. The top was decorated with small white beads that symbolize snow. All toys were also made chocolate and coated with natural dyes.
Then, the master used for the sweet tree the French chocolate with 55% of cocoa. Some elements were made of white chocolate.    The process lasted four hours.


2011. The largest in Ukraine 1.5-meter-high Christmas tree made of caramel.  Originally, Valentin planned to make a chocolate tree, but then he thought tha caramel was more festive and elegant. First, the frame was made, and then – branches and decoration. Children from Uzhgorod medical and rehabilitation center "Way of Life" were closely watching the process. Overall, 40 kilograms of sugar was made for the production of the tree.    Then, the tree was put in one of Uzhgorod supermarkets. A box for donations for the needs of children with disabilities was put next to it.


2012.  The tree was made in an hour and a half. It’s weight was 15 kg and the height was 1 meter. That year, the chocolate tree was in the fusion style.   It was another master class for children, this time initiated by the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhgorod which brought the children from large families of Hungarian villages of Velyka Dobron and Rativtsi in Uzhgorod district. They were making candy and chocolate Christmas decorations, which then were used to decorate the already mentioned Christmas tree. They then were going to sell the tree and give the money to charity.


2014. Christmas tree of pale green macarons.  The making of the sweet holiday tree took about 400 popular French delicacies. Then, the tree was pleasing vistors in Valentin’s coffee shop in the center of ancient Uzhgorod. And the youngest visitors would often try to quietly nip off a "branch" of the tree.


2015. This time, the chocolate tree was very refined. It looks as if the "tree" wants to undress. The master used 15 kg of dark chocolate to make it. And balls and buttons on the tree are covered with edible leaf gold.  

The making of the Christmas tree was a part of the New-Year workshops from the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers. For a few hours, the confectioner was working with more than a dozen children. They learned how to make sweets. The kids received from the master gingerbread and candy. And also ate plenty of chocolate.  


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